Thursday, May 22, 2008

How much is your ankle worth?

Went climbing Tuesday night at the Krag... went by myself, so I was bouldering. I climbed really well actually... especially for not having climbed much in the last few months. For those who don't know, bouldering is climbing without ropes, and you usually stay pretty low to the ground, and fall onto crash pads, or gravel. I don't like the crash pads, because I am always worried about spraining an ankle as they don't give as much.

This one guy was trying to do a route, and asked me for help, so I gave it a go. I ended up popping off the wall, and landing with my right foot half on the crash pad, and half off it. Naturally, it rolled out from under me, and I heard a popping sound. Awesome....

I walked out of there, and drove home. I did the ice and elevation thing... but finally decided to go see a Dr about it. Got the xrays, and yup, its broken. Awesome. Long weekend, of great weather... and a broken ankle is not cool.

Silver lining... I have the accident/injury rider on my insurance. Called them to get the claim forms, look like they are going to send me a check for $800 for this. I am going to try to get their price list, and next time I can't pay my bills, break something. Just kidding, no insurance fraud going on here.

Gotta figure out how to walk the dog... maybe get a wheel chair, and rig a system for her to pull me down the street... and hope she doesn't start chasing cats!

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Kris said...

Hey little brother... Before you go rigging up some kind of dog walking system, I want to make sure you remember how you and family decided to teach Smokie to stay...
* Attach leash to dog
* Attach other end of leash to chair
* Say "Staaaaay"
* Plan for dog to stay. Plan for dog to figure out stay means don't move.
* Dog moves anyway
* Dog spots chair following behind closely
* Concerned, dog moves a bit faster
* Chair picks up speed too
* Dog freaks out - being chased by chair!
* Dog runs around the house with chair in tow, bouncing in to walls and generally wreaking havok
* Walls repaired
* Dog never learns "stay"

So, before you go tying your wheelchair to anything, just think twice, ok? ;)

Seriously, bummer dude. Sounds like that's going to keep you away from the water for while...