Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brilliant ideas log.

Every once in a while... or every few minutes... I come up with something I think is brilliant... usually its only me that thinks this.

Here's some from this week:

  • An LED light with battery, and radio beacon to attach to indoor climbing walls for climbing comps so you can change the route remotely... or even as the climber is on it!
  • Beer Runners... a beer and wine delivery company. Saves everyone from driving drunk. Add pizzas to that, and it basically prints its own money.
  • Graffiti finder... a website you upload camera-phone photos of graffiti and get more information about it. Maybe even a google-maps of where all those tags are found.
Thats it so far, its been a slow week. I have had to dumb myself down to deal with work. Maybe when I quit I can smarten up again.

Ofcourse, the greatest of all is the Dayton Rickshaw Company... where we are a rickshaw taxi service!

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Dog owes me $64.45

Patina ate my sunglasses. She ate the ear piece, and bent them enough to weaken them... and the bridge broke. I sent them to Maui Jim to repair... here's my note:

Dear Maui Jim.

I love my sunglasses. So does my dog. Please make your sunglasses taste bad to dogs. It will have to be really bad though, because she eats poop!


I hate to smell what they will send me in return.

Monday, March 03, 2008


I no longer want to live in a place where someone says "Hey, its going to be warm tomorrow... in the 50's!" Whats worse is... I agreed, and thought it felt warm!

50 degrees can be described as chilly, cool, not as cold as it has been, warmer than it has been... but never should it be described as warm.

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