Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Return of the Tenants.

Landlording can be funny. When I evicted my tenants, the bailiff showed up, and anything left in there... anything... becomes mine. Its pretty awesome, I have always wanted 1,000 baby socks strewn about my basement... and an old, broke down dryer. Somethings that they left behind though were important to them, which is why they called me that one day asking for a "box of important papers" which had "insurance, and tax information" on it. Well, they left so many boxes and bags of stuff, I never actually found that one box. I really did not feel like digging through the blend of dirty clothes, car-parts, and papers to find out which one she was talking about.

Anyway... I did stumble on some stuff that was probably important to them. Like some mail, their baby's footprints from the hospital, and a whole bag full of photo-albums! I hung onto those things for them, and was going to mail them out. I didn't have the right address for them though (the small-claims suit was returned to the courts unclaimed at the address I had), so I called them to find their new address. I planned on mailing their stuff to them last week, but I broke my ankle, which sucks. So I didn't get to it, as I was getting xrays and seeing the ortho dr. instead.

Saturday afternoon the tenant shows up at my house, with the police! She was demanding I turn over her belongings left behind! I explained to her that because she was evicted, everything she left behind, including her dirty disgusting clothes, became all mine. I gave her the mail that I had sitting there, along with her baby's footprints... but I kept all those photo albums to myself. They owe me over $1,800, and now they show up with the police demanding I turn over the junk they left behind, that made me kinda mad, so why should I give her those items back.

The cops kinda laughed at her for thinking she could get her stuff back. Turns out, her main concern was with identity theft, because now I would have her social security number. Firstly, they wrote their SSN on her application for the unit. Secondly... why would I steal the identity of deadbeats who can't pay their rent?!?! What do I get out of that except for more bills!

I can't wait till their court date, July 9th. That should be fun.

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