Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Not again.

I have been doing alot of climbing lately, trying to go 3 to 4 times a week atleast. I have been getting better too, I am onsighting mid 10's, redpointing 11a's and struggling up mid to hard 11's. Pretty much right where I was wanting to be for the start of the season!

Last night there was a gear rep at the Krag who brought some cool shoes to try. So I slipped a pair of pretty aggresive Evolv'e on, and got on the bouldering wall. I did about 4 or maybe 5 moves, decided I wanted to try another part of the wall for this test. As I was all of 2 feet off the ground, I stepped back to walk over to the other part, and happened to step onto the edge of a crash pad. I heard 3 loud cracks, and then hit the ground in pain. Yup, broke my ankle again!

Now it's up in the air, with a bag of ice, and I am mad as hell right now. I was climbing right where I wanted to be, and the weather is warming up this weekend. I should be headed to the Red, but I am sure to be on my couch instead.