Monday, November 26, 2007

What I have learned about owning a home so far...

So, I have been a home owner for almost a month. So far, so good. I have learned a few things:

  • The roof will always leak. If its not leaking where your looking now, its leaking somewhere else.
  • Plaster is a pain to repair... and the holes get bigger so easily.
  • Appliance shopping makes you feel incredibly domestic... and almost sick to your stomach.
  • Any project can not be solved with a single trip to Lowes... you must make several trips before you even start.
  • A case of beer does not last a whole weekend of "working on the house".
  • You will never put a shopvac filter on correctly the first time, and you will shoot dust all over the house.
  • Bulbs in the basement always burn out when your trying to catch a bug, carrying something heavy, trying to avoid the water overflowing from the washer.
There will be more... this is all I can think of from a foggy Monday morning.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Designers are idiots too.

So I bought a house... yeah, yeah... shoulda done it a while ago. Now I have a house and a boat... still no car. Because its getting cold, and Maria has blood circulation problems, and I love fire... I am looking at a fireplace for the back. I kinda dig this one, but there's an issue with it. Can you see a possible problem? I don't know if people sometimes design these things, and never test them out... because some things are just stupid.

I guess the process works like this... you pull the lid off, stick some logs in, light a fire... put lid back on so sparks and stuff don't burn your friends. Everything is cozy for about 30 minutes, then the fire starts to die down a little, so you want to add more wood. First thing you have to do is grab the metal handle thats been sitting over a hot fire for about 30 minutes! Now you have a nice logo of the manufacturer burned into your hand... and you have managed to toss the hot screen onto one of your friends, ruining their night. Surely someone must have noticed this.

Nope... guess they all think that is a good idea.