Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sailboat update

So... there are some out there asking the stage of the sailboat and stuff... so here is a little update.

Originally the acceptance date was February 24th, and closing date was March 3rd. Before I accepted the boat, I needed to have a survey done, and insurance and financing lined up. To get a survey done, the boat's hull needs a moisture test to determine the integrity of the hull... and the low temperature has to be above freezing for a few days, for this to occur.

Ofcoruse, it has been cold near the boat, but it is warming up... so there is a survey scheduled for next Friday now.

After this, it will be a week for acceptance, and another week for closing... and then I will be a yacht owner. After that... comes the real work.

Before and after

Monday, February 26, 2007


So... I thought I would share something a little interesting with the small number of readers of this blog.

The Springboro Amphitheater was my first project I designed professionally. It is the first professional project I designed to receive a design award (AIA Dayton unbuilt award), and it is the second project I designed to be constructed (first being McCormick building). On Sunday, it became the first project I designed to have a major structural collapse!!! The lower canopy is now sitting in shreds on the stage.

Cause is being investigated... I am sure it will be some time before we know everything that happened.

As Sergio always said... "better to fail spectacularly than to succeed at mediocrity."

Monday, February 05, 2007

Furniture 2.0

Pretty sweet.