Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Spam of the day

Spam is not the normal thing people like... but I was bored, so I read some of it. Spammers are always trying to out trick the anti-spam-bots with new and clever ideas. One of the newer ways is to steal lines, words, and paragraphs from various websites and assmeble them into meaningless dribble, which might make you read it. This makes for interesting combinations... here are a few I found this morning. Note, these are taken directly from the e-mail, no alterations.

com allows site owners to "claim" a word for their very own
If I copywrite that word, can I earn royalties?

This site is selling out words quickly, New Specials Each Week! Perfect for wedding and baby showers, kids' parties, or any occasion.
With Christmas right around the corner, you might be unwrapping your very own word.

No comment

Words disintegrate to reveal new letters.
Guess there are use-by dates for all those "words" you bought earlier.

Each month we will send one of our giant Mrs.
They ran out of regular sized Mrs a while ago.

Wind your way through the hive tunnels to find the exit, and smother hapless beekeepers by swarming with the rest of your hive to show the puny humans your queen is boss!
Puny humans... all your queen are belong to us!

And if that scale scares you think about writing a simple program that helps a single student learn something new.

But at its heart - computer science

With the MS version, you have to look in the UNDO files.
Geekdom version of X-files... a straight to Beta-max release.

Costly mudlogger it reached maximum
Mudloggers are expensive.

Dogs mention poodles equally

Harry invisible children
How does one know if an invisible child is harry?


Get reasonable price suffer.
Another great Christmas present idea.

Yes, the headline above is the correct way
of asking "what's your problem?

Theres no containing those show up dogs.

I am sure there will be more to follow.

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those darn show up dogs!