Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Office Posters

Every office has that go-to guy, the one who has been around before shoes were invented, knows everything, and has millions of stories. Our office has one, he used to be a partner, then kind of retired... but does not know how to not work, Dick Roediger. A few years ago, we found an old photo of him from back in the day when he was a lady killer. Opportunities like this are too hard to pass up, and during slow times at work, I have to do something interesting... so I borrowed his headshot, and a movie poster... and... tada:

Since that time, I have made one for every holiday, or every day I get bored. I have made alot of these. Here are some of the better ones. More to follow.

Halloween this year:

Random bored time:

This year's Christmas has a few posters.

1 comment:

jabarig said...

If these posters aren't a shining example of your genuis. I don't know what is.