Monday, October 23, 2006


Just returned from a week in Curacao, N.A. It was a pretty relaxed time, mostly made of diving, and napping... both of which are pretty fun. Curacao is a little island in the Netherland Antilles... just north of Venezuela, with some awesome people, and some awesome diving. The capitol is Willemstad (the typical postcard photo of it here). parts of the family were there, and we stayed at Sunset Waters resort, which is towards the north of the island. Sunset Divers is attached to the hotel, and have some pretty nice dive sites to see... and some pretty fun dive masters to hang out with.

The diving was pretty good... and very easy. This is one of the easiest places to dive I have ever been... there is no current, and the dive boat is very well setup. The sea life is very good, and coral looks to be in good shape... but there is a noticable lack of larger life, such as shark, or rays. I only saw a single stingray in all of my 15 or so dives. There are some unique things though... this is the first time I have ever seen a seahorse, and there are more eals here than I have ever seen. There also seems to be alot of Christmas Tree Worms everywhere... more than anywhere I have seen before.

You can go visit my flickr page to see more photos from there if you'd like. Below are two videos from the trip. The first being an eal which was swimming from one coral head to another one. Rarely do you see eals leave their hiding spots. The second video is of my favorite fish, one I could watch all day long, but I do not know what sort he is. It is also a part of a new series I am going to do called "27 seconds" which will be videos of various subjects which are all 27 seconds long. Why 27 seconds... sounded cool.

Swimming eal, Curacao, N.A.

27 seconds - Favorite fish

My favorite fish... I wish I knew his name... but he is cool. This little dude has some parasites on him.

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