Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Canstruction 2006 - Update

Lastnight was the ceremony for the Dayton Canstruction 2006 event... held at the Dayton Art Institute. It was a good event, with a big turnout, some local personalities, and some really good wine (who ever did the ordering is cool). There were 7 total sculptures entered into this years event, 4 of which had various levels of collapse. I forget who got all the awards, but I know LJB got several for their Pirate ship... which was pretty cool. Notably, they recieved the "Structural Ingenuity" award... ironically, part of their sculpture collapsed just after the jurors picked it for this award.

Our team did not fair so well, the jurors had to fabric an award for us... and I don't think it even had a title. So, we are the grand winners of the "Short Bus" award... the sort of award you give to the kid you feel bad for, and who needs some encouragement. I don't think the team was after awards (we made a cube...), so it is all good. We helped raise a huge amount of food for the food bank.

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